• People First.

    Your customers matter. These resources will help you create experiences that put them first and have them coming back for more!

  • Action Based.

    Whatever CX resource you grab, you’re getting a tangible way to improve your customer experience now.

  • Expert Approved.

    All our resources are inspired by decades of experience creating killer customer experiences for businesses like yours.

Why choose the CX Shop?

Run by Scarlett & Co. Founder and CX Expert Katrina Scarlett, this shop is jam-packed with resources to help you create a base of raving, loyal fans for your business or the businesses you serve.

Have people wanting to work with you on repeat, not just because of the kick-ass products or services you offer but because of how you treat them throughout their entire journey.

  • "I love the Customer Promise & Boundaries workbook! It helped me understand WHY it is important to have these statements in my business and also how to create them. I feel a renewed commitment to my customers. Thank you for creating this gem as I now have a solid foundation for building strong and lasting relationships with customers!"

    ~Janice Pawlitsky,

    Certified Director of Operations, Owner of Chaos Intervention

  • "Katrina delivered an amazing presentation that was concise, easy to follow and, most importantly, delivered a TON of value and useful nuggets I could implement straight away. She clearly was in tune with the audience and what they found most useful, and the interactivity kept us engaged and wanting more. Can’t wait to see her present again!"

    ~Rodric Lenhart,

    #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker & Coach

  • "Running an online business means I’m always wearing multiple hats. When I need customer experience support with projects, I turn to Scarlett & Co. because I know that it’s not just helping me, it ensures my customers are receiving the best experience possible too!"

    ~Vic Taylor,

    Marketing Strategist, Owner of Touchpoints Marketing

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