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CX Metrics: A Pocket Guide

CX Metrics: A Pocket Guide

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Imagine how fabulous it would be to have a window into the way customers are experiencing your business, so you could know exactly how to better serve them.

It would be SO much easier to create new offers and uplevel your current ones, right?!

While you can’t ever fully be inside the heads of your customers, there are some key CX metrics you can track to ensure your business is providing the best experience possible for your people. 

It’s just a matter of knowing which metrics are going to give you the most useful information. And this is precisely what you’ll uncover with this pocket guide! 

Inside this Pocket Guide, you’ll receive:

  • A 20-minute insightful training video from Customer Experience (CX) Expert, Katrina Scarlett, offering a high-level view of the 5 metrics you should be tracking in your business to probably evaluate the impact of your customer experience
  • A PDF Cheat Sheet to provide you with a quick reference to remind of the purpose & formula for each of the 5 Key CX Metrics
  • The presentation slide deck so you can refer back to it at your convenience or print it to make your own notes
  • The audio version of the training & PDF transcript to support your preferred learning style

And don't forget - when you invest in a product from The CX Shop, 40% of your purchase will go towards our CX Legacy Scholarship Fund to support & empower aspiring CX superheroes! 

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