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Customer Promise & Boundaries Workbook

Customer Promise & Boundaries Workbook

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As a business owner, it’s easy to spend so much time focused on serving your clients that certain pieces of your business get overlooked. Two commonly skipped tasks are writing your Customer Promise and Customer Boundaries statements.

These statements communicate your company's values and principles to your customers — letting them know what to expect from your brand. And they aren’t just beneficial in the short term! They also lay the foundation for strong, lasting relationships. 

This essential guide helps you create impactful Customer Promise and Customer Boundaries statements to build trust and credibility and pave the way for a loyal customer base!

Included with your purchase, you'll receive:

  • A 13-page comprehensive & fillable PDF workbook, complete with insightful guidance and actionable exercises to help you craft your own Customer Promise & Boundaries statements
  • A short video training walking you through the workbook to ensure you get the most benefit possible


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